Thinker's Nest

Welcome to Thinker’s nest astronomy club, the public group for astronomy in India provided by Project Sam. Thinker’s Nest features links to astronomical research and observatories, education and outreach facilities, as well as amateur astronomy organisations in India.
Project SAM stands for its innovation and the passion of its astronomical community to promote astronomy for all.
  • Telescopic Sky Observations
  • Night Sky Guide
  • Interactive Multimedia sessions
  • Asteroid & Comet Hunting
  • Astro – photography sessions
  • Astronomy with a Home PC
  • Field Trips to the Planetariums, Science Parks and Museums
  • 3D Educational Documentaries and Shows
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Participation in various National & International projects
  • Designing of various Astronomy equipment or models like Sun Dial, Space Missions & Space Crafts etc.
  • Video Conference Interaction with National & International Astronomers and Scientists.
  • Telescope Making & Buying Guidance
  • Two whole nights Messier Marathons
  • Hands on Activities and Models Making
  • Interaction and Multimedia sessions
  • Learning to use Telescopic instruments & accessories and kits

As members, participants will get the opportunity to study the environment from a new vantage. They can gaze at night skies through the telescopic eye, learn to identify celestial objects and enjoy outdoor activities.


The Indian educational curriculum is limited to textbook knowledge and doesn’t enhance scientific temper. Our astronomy modules are a step by step process which improves a participant’s scientific temper, reasoning and inference. The participant will be introduced to the vary basics of the universe like time and directions, how vast is the universe and other similar topics which will enhance knowledge and reasoning. Organizing seminars with collaboration with various space agencies like ISRO, ESA, NASA . To organize an annual space congress event to acknowledge contributions of space enthusiasts, students, scientists & astronauts.


There is lot of scope of astronomy as a career as it is the science of future and we are going to see boom in the want for the astronomy trained professionals. Any good students of astronomy can find job easily as science communicator, astronaut, space scientist, technician, planetarium operators, etc. In fact jobs in private sectors have just opened up and there is acute shortfall of trained astronomy professionals. Many public and private institutions (like ISRO and AMITY University has started BSc. Astrophysics course) have already started programs, degrees and diplomas at the graduate level to prepare the required workforce in this field.


Holistic personal developments :

  • Knowledge of a new subject that will be in demand in the future
  • Increase in scientific temper and positive attitude towards science and environment
  • Improve the personality through improvement in life skills, team spirit and interpersonal skills & media interaction.
  • Unique and fun filled activities
  • Opportunity to participate in National and International competitions and projects organized by ISRO & of NASA, ESA and RSA etc
  • Through astronomy one learns other subjects also like geography, physics, history, electronics, environmental science etc.
  • They appreciate science and its relevance to daily life.
  • They develop respect for instruments, scientific procedures and observations.


In short, Science Congress will change the person’s perception of science from a burden to a ‘discovery’.

The internet has become a priceless tool for the citizen-science movement, in which private citizens all over the world can make meaningful contributions to science.

With as little as a computer and some curiosity, you can help scientists determine targets for space telescopes, or look for signs of life on Kepler planets. Some projects, like the famous SETI@home application, simply use your computer’s down-time to sift through vast quantities of data — no user input required. Others, like GalaxyZoo, ask you to look at pictures and classify objects based on shape or size.

Project Sam