We people from ‘SAM’ are skygazers. The professionals as well as casual observers have been fascinated immensely by the mysterious night sky. A sense of wonder overwhelms us when we observe the universe in its entire splendor, while contemplating the grandeur of nature and the apparent uniqueness of our place in it. This is why Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences known to humankind. Even today, thousands of years since the beginning of this study, we are just discovering the preliminary facts about the world we live in. The purpose of team SAM is to inspire and enlighten those with a general desire in Astronomy, and to nurture new majors in the field.

Why Astronomy?

Humans are curious entities by nature and have marveled at the beauty of the night sky ever since the first Homo sapiens gazed up into the heavens. “What is up there?”,”Why do stars shine?”, “How did the Universe begin?”,” Does life exist elsewhere?”,” What is on the other side of the Moon?”- our mind is full of such inquisitive questions.

Though Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, modern physics and technology, coupled with observations from space, have recently generated a stupendous wave of whole new knowledge. Most of our early questions about the nature of the Universe have now been answered, and many unexpected, intriguing new findings have been made, findings that invite us to be both humble and bold. The best thing is that one need not be a professional astronomer or physicist to understand them.

Project Sam